Software Licensing

Save money and stay legal with educational licencing.

As a Microsoft Authorised Education reseller we can assess your software requirements and then recommend the most cost effective licencing solution for your school. Our easy purchase scheme means that we complete all the necessary documentation for you, leaving just the signature to you.

We’ll also remind you when your software licencing is coming up for renewal and re-evaluate your requirements with you as necessary.

We can help you to: 

• Spread the purchasing cost over a number of years, rather than paying it all up front

• Have immediate entitlement to software upgrades (or previous versions) as desired

• Give your staff free download rights to the latest version of Microsoft Office at home

• Give your students free access to Office 365 via the Internet from school or home

• Have 24/7 access to Microsoft technical support to quickly resolve any technical issues

• Access E-Learning software training to enhance technical skills and ready staff for new software versions